Breastfeeding is Natural … But Doesn’t Come Naturally

This week is World Breastfeeding Week 2016. And it has extra special meaning to me because I’ve just enrolled in a Cert IV in Breastfeeding Education so that I can volunteer as a breastfeeding counselor. As I ponder all the hard work expected of me in the next 18 months, the thought that has been utmost in my mind is that breastfeeding is natural … but it doesn’t necessarily come naturally. And that is why roles like volunteer breastfeeding counselors giving mum-to-mum support are so important. Continue reading

The End to Worm Farm Massacres

I’ve owned a worm farm for many years but always felt that I hadn’t got it working very effectively. There was always more food than the worms seemed to manage, a tray of compost took forever to generate and I usually massacred my worm population every summer! When I heard that the City of Vincent was advertising a Composting & Worm Farm Workshop by Transition Town Mount Hawthorn, I decided it was time to get a fresh perspective on composting. My objective was to learn how I could improve the performance of my worm farm and whether any of the other composting methods would be suitable for our house too.

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So I had a home birth…(Part 1): What was it like?

I intend to write on quite a few parenting topics but the birth of my second child is the most recent significant event in my parenting journey. The way I birthed him is somewhat uncommon (though not as much as you think): I had a planned home birth. Most people in Australia think home births are totally wacky and something only hippies do. I never thought that I was a home birth kinda person either. So I thought I’d share a bit about what it was like (here in Part 1) and how I came to diverge so drastically from the mainstream (to follow in Part 2). Continue reading

So I had a home birth …(Part 2): Why?

For my second child, I decided to have a planned home birth. I never thought I was a home birth kinda person but I can say now that it was the best decision for myself and my family. The whole experience before, during and after birth was exactly how I wanted it to be. In Part 1 I shared what this was like. Here in Part 2, I will explain why I decided against birthing in a hospital a second time. Continue reading

Sunlight & Oxygen: The Greenie’s Secret Laundry Weapons Part 2

In Part 1 of Sunlight & Oxygen I explained the usefulness of sunlight as a laundry cleaning agent. In Part 2, I’m going to reveal how “oxygen” is a greenie’s secret laundry weapon too.

Well, okay, I’m being a bit disingenuous, it isn’t quite oxygen … but oxygen bleach. If you’re like me, you want the absolutely laziest method to get rid of stains. You don’t want to have to deal with the stain straight away, you don’t want to fuss with scrubbing or applying tea tree to this stain or making a paste of bicarb and lemon for that stain. Well you can be a greenie and eat your cake too, because oxygen bleach is an easy way to soak your stains away and it is still environmentally friendly. Continue reading

Sunlight & Oxygen: The Greenie’s Secret Laundry Weapons Part 1

At some point in your journey to reduce your impact on the environment, you should start to question the amount of chemicals you use in the laundry. Eliminating these chemicals from your life and keeping your clothes bright and stain-free may seem impossible. But I can reassure you that the Greenie has a couple of secret weapons in the arsenal to reduce laundry stains. These are Sunlight and “Oxygen”.

In Part 2 I will reveal how “oxygen” can be used to clean, but in this post I’m going to discuss the stain-fighting powers of sunlight. Continue reading